The Orchard Nursery

The Orchard Nursery
We at Eastside Community Church count it a privilege to care for your child (from infants up to age 5) while you enjoy worship, fellowship and classes with us. Our purpose is to provide a comfortable, safe and secure environment for the children under our care in order to encourage positive feelings about being at worship from the earliest years of life.
  • Bottle with water or formula
  • 2-3 diapers
  • Complete change of clothes
  • Pacifier
  • Comfort Item (i.e. blanket)

  • Medications – Only a parent or guardian can administer these.
  • Personal toys
  • Snacks – Due to the increase in childhood allergies, we do not permit outside snacks. We gladly serve crackers and water.
  • Plain white burp cloths, unless clearly labeled. We keep our nursery stocked with these and will gladly share.
For Nursing Mothers
A nursing room is provided where mothers can privately feed their infants. The room is located to the right of the infant nursery room as you face the nursery greeting area.
We're happy to answer any questions