What is The City?

TheCity is a web-based software platform, built specifically for churches, that enables and enhances the daily life, community, and ministry of a church. TheCity is a separate website that we will be using as a church family to communicate with each other, plan events, and list opportunities to serve. Small Groups will use it to share needs and prayer requests, the office will use it to announce upcoming events, and members can use TheCity to exchange goods and services — or even find a roommate or a job in “The Marketplace”.

A New Communication and Ministry Tool

TheCity is a ministry tool, made up of various groups built around a common interest or purpose, and each group on TheCity represents real life, face-to-face relationships. TheCity gives every person in the church powerful tools to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships.  TheCity is open to anyone who attends ECC — members and newcomers, both young and old, and TheCity will become our primary method for communicating with the church body and for planning and organizing of the ministries of ECC.

A Secure, Private Environment

You’ll need an email invitation before you can join TheCity, and then you will need to sign in to use the website. This makes TheCity a safe place to do things like share a prayer request with your friends, give online, and view your giving history. Don’t worry! We won’t spam you, and you have full control over the amount of email you receive and when you receive it.

Online Community

TheCity is made up of groups (many groups) and yet there isn’t a single one that doesn’t consist of real life, face-to-face relationships. People who serve and fellowship together will now be able to easily connect every day of the week. And as a church, this tool will not only allow our people to take better care of one another, but it will also help them better reach their square mile for Jesus.

How do I Join?

TheCity is for regular attenders of Eastside Community Church.  If this is you, you may…

  • EMAIL to request an invitation.  (Note: Your email address must be unique. Multiple users cannot use the same email address.)
  • On Sunday mornings following the worship service, visit the “Guest Services” kiosk and speak with one of our Greeters.
  • Or, on Sunday mornings, fill out and turn in the bulletin tear-off tab and place it in one of the offering boxes or bring it to the “Guest Services” kiosk.
  • Then head home and check your email!  Once you receive your invitation, follow the directions to sign up and fill out your profile completely.  Don’t forget to add your picture so we know who you are!  In no time you’ll be exploring what’s been going on inside TheCity and here at Eastside Community Church.

The City Plaza


Those who are not on TheCity (your friends, neighbors, etc.) who would like to stay informed about public discussions, prayers, events and needs can view these on the public portal to TheCity called The City Plaza, and it allows guests to respond to topics and RSVP for events through their Facebook account.

Why Do They Call It The City?

There’s a big vision behind TheCity, and it comes from the words of Jesus in Matthew 5:14-16. It’s a vision of technology being leveraged to help the Church live as a city set on a hill, shining the light of the Gospel to the whole world.